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I know we've seen good progress..

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  • I know we've seen good progress..

    With Microsoft Giant (Antispyware beta).

    I just noticed this today, not sure if it's already been posted. I searched but couldn't find it.

    Microsoft Virus Removal?

    I know Giant did a good job with spyware, best I've seen so far atleast anyways. Some people beg to differ, but I think it's the best out there, and it's free.

    Wonder if the Virus-ware will be the same?

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    Re: I know we've seen good progress..

    I've never tried out that tool (in fact, I tell Windows Update NOT to install it), but McAfee's Stinger seems to fill a similar role. It just looks for a few of the "most popular" viruses and removes them. I'd usually run Stinger and then Symantec's virus specific tool.

    I find, with viruses and spyware, that it's best not to rely on just one tool. Something else will always do things a little different / better.. Like Ad-Aware and Spybot. Run them both back to back and one will find things that the other missed.
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      Re: I know we've seen good progress..

      Perry is right, its not actually antivirus, it just removes a few and runs only once after download.

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