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    I said in a previous post about building a new pc for the new battlefield, which now we know is bf1. I am currently running a complete AMD system and have been considering trying a intel/nvidia system. Anyone keep up on the release of cards and has any opinions on the new nvidia cards? I haven't seen a whole lot about amd's new cards. I am currently running a 390x, with a fx 8350, 32gb of ram and 2 ssd's. I'm still on the fence about whether to spend the money on upgrading or starting from scratch.

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    Re: Gtx 1070

    I'd say wait for the benchmarks on both.

    I don't expect (AMD) Polaris will be much of an upgrade for you, the Polaris 10 (the stronger one) is reportedly delivering 390x power at lower wattage and cost and is not a flagship card.

    Likewise, the 1070 may not be a huge boost for you either, as it sounds like it will be slower than the current flagships 980 TI and Titan. (though perhaps not by much) The 1080 (if it reaches its claimed level of improvement over the 980TI) should be a much more noticeable boost.

    It doesn't sound like you are in need of an upgrade right now, frankly. You still have a beastly setup for most games.

    I'd wait for benchmarks on the 1070 and 1080 at the very least, and possibly Zen CPU specs later in the year. 1080 TI and AMD's new flagship Vega are expected in 2017. Depends on how long you want to wait.

    I am in a similar boat (7970 and 8350) waiting for new chips and cards.
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