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  • driver issues

    Alright, i had 5.8 catalyst drivers previously and now they came out with 5.9 recently so i go to download them. i install them, however it freezes so i try again.
    i eventually restart, after logging into my account it says the driver needs to test my hardware and set it up, a few seconds later the screen turns blue and the computer restarts. I was able to stay on long enough to activate the guest account, and because it doesnt have admin it cant test my hardware and doesnt restart. However i am currently without any working drivers, i've tried to unistall them from here but i dont believe i can do that and i've tried to install 5.8, what i had before but halfway through the install it says some error and quits. So my question is, how do i install new drivers, which should i install?
    i'd like to get this finished tonight because i'm missing out on dod:s time :(

    i have windows xp sp2. a 9600 128mb radeon card
    a gb of ram, and a amd 2800+ 64bit cpu

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    Re: driver issues

    You should be able to get into Safe Mode even if the video driver is messed up.

    When your computer is starting tap F8 till you get the menu to select safe mode.

    I have an nvidia so I can't offer your specific advice but it's usually good practice to remove the old driver and run a cleaner program before trying to install a new driver.

    google driver cleaner


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      Re: driver issues

      Try to download this program from ATI. Its avaliable in the driver section I beleive and it will completely uninstall your drivers. Then reinstall the 5.8 drivers.
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        Re: driver issues

        yeah i was able to stop the ati program from restarting my computer so now im getting all old drivers off. hopefully it'll work




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