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    I've recently purchased a BFG Nvidia 7800 GTX and another Gig of RAM. I already have a gig and I run it on an Athlon 64 3800+. My computer runs everything in high settings just fine w/ 4X AA. Problem is it freezes up after about an 1hr of gameplay...I thought it might be a heat issue, all my settings are normal- no overclocking. I found that my ave. system temp hovered at around 49-51 max while playing BF2. I've tried lowering my settings and it still froze.

    So..I was wondering if bad RAM could cause this. I've got 2 pairs that are PC 3200 400 except that the 1st pair I bought was a kingston value ram dual pack with a "/1gb" on the end of the model number and the new pair bought separately was also kingston value ram except they had "/512R" on it. I contacted kingston and they said it was compatible. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Freezer Burn

    Perhaps Ram, perhaps overheating on the videocard, and perhaps underpowered.
    that system needs a good 450W+ PSU. BFG cards are overclocked stock, so they run hot. that CPU temp is well below danger levels. 60Cish is when you need to worry about it.
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