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    My fiance has a HP Pavillion zv6130 notebook with 512MB of RAM that she purchased as a desktop replacement. She was interested in upgrading the RAM for the notebook. We investigated her system and found there to be 512 MB DDR SDRAM PC2700. After opening the notebook's memory slot, we only found 1 DIMM labled as 256MB DIMM. Confused, we then decided to try to boot the system after removing the DIMM to see what would happen. The system booted to windows XP and displayed 256MB of RAM. We attempted to disassemble the notebook in an effort to find the other DIMM, but could not remove the entire casing. My question is where would the other 256MB of RAM be located? Would it be more advantagous for her to upgrade the notebook's 1 slot to a 512 stick or a 1gig stick? She plays games from time to time (just started BF2) and always runs a large amount of windows apps.

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    Re: Laptop memory

    The other stick is hidden away under the keyboard. HP should have a service manual on their site if you feel comfortable removing the keyboard.

    The more memory the better. That laptop supports up to 2GB of RAM if you wanna dig under the keyboard. If she's playing BF2, definitely go with the 1GB stick.
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      Re: Laptop memory

      If I remember correctly most laptops have X amount of memory directly soldered on the mobo, then they have one expansion slot for memory.

      Just depends, memory is cheap nowadays and sure is handy. I would go for the gig!





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