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  • Building New Comp Need Feedback

    Hey [TG] peeps if u read my post ull see i be out a while. So i going to take this time to build a new computer, & would like some feed back from u guys. I bought a cool case, its powder coated red, got a big window, they said it would hold any board. Bought a 500 w power supply. Then i got a Asus A8N SLI Deluxe board, which has the 939 socket, it has two ports for two express port video cards, has some kind of program that allows overclocking, not sure about that but well see. Now im looking at prossesors. Right now im useing a ABIT board with 754 socket with a AMD 3000 32 bit prossesor. I dont want to spend more that $400 out the door on that, any sugestions.

    I have two video cards now ones a ATI 9600 ALLINWONDER
    The other is a ATI 9800 should i use one of these or buy a better card & what would that be. Im not ever sure waht the express port deal is, i was told this is something that newer video cards are comeing out with.

    Any feed back would be cool Thx.

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    Re: Building New Comp Need Feedback

    Well since you motherboard supports a 939 socket, I would say if you don't wanna spend over $400 get a AMD Athlon64bit 3800+ or 4000+, those 2 are pretty fast processors without going over $400, and for the Video card your ATI 9800 should be good enough, UNLESS you wanna play games that require a better GPU. (ie. the 9800 is plenty if your just wanting to play NS, Counter Strike: Source, WoW etc.)



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      Re: Building New Comp Need Feedback

      Moving to the hardware forum; the tech wonks all hang out in there.
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        Re: Building New Comp Need Feedback

        The other option you may want to look at is the AMD64 3500+, which is cheaper and only single digit % slower than the 3800+ or 4000+. The other option for you might be the AMD64 3800 X2 for around $350. You won't see a huge difference with a dual core, you may even have to disbable the 2nd core from time to time, but more and more things are taking advantage of dual core so it is a bit more future proof.

        Invest in some decent RAM and you should get a decent overclock on air with any of those CPU's.

        Also, the express port (or PCI-E) means that your 9800 is not supported. PCI-E has taken the place of AGP on main boards for the most part now. You may want to look at a X800XL or 6800GT, or even possibly the 7800GT ($275-380), but make sure it's PCI-E not AGP.


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          Re: Building New Comp Need Feedback

          Agreed with jaymind (AMD64 3500+) - As you have a very good Motherboard you will be able to take full advantage of the built in Asus Overclocking feature which is pretty easy to use , you will be able to buy a cheaper chip & overclock it to further performance, just make sure you buy a good cpu cooler - id recommend the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64, very cheap and very effective + good ram of course.

          As you have a PCI express motherboard i would go for a 6800GT FX card.

          350MHz Core Engine Clock speed
          256MB 1000MHz high speed DDR3 memory
          Superscalar 16-Pipe GPU Architecture
          High-Speed GDDR3 256-bit Memory Interface
          Dual 400MHz RAMDACs
          SLI Multi-GPU Support

          Great card and will play any game with ease...

          Good Luck


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            Re: Building New Comp Need Feedback

            Hey guys thx for the info. what do u guys think about buying on ebay say if they say hardly used or something u know. I just cant aford some of that high dollar stuff like the 4400 or FX53 which is what i want. & on the ram deal ive been looking at Corsair 1024 is that cool.




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