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    I am looking at getting a projector to use with my computer. Now the one im looking at getting is . Is there anyone out there that uses a projector to play games, and what are some of the things I should be looking for when picking one out. My price range is up to 3000 CND. and this projector is from 1900 - 2400 USD. Any input on this topic would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Projectors

    I haven't bought one yet but I've been researching for awhile preparing for a Spring purchase. The one you have there looks like it has the features I've been looking for:

    Native xga
    Better than 2000 contrast and lumens
    Full HDTV and 480p

    I've been considering the BenQ 8700 which is similar in specs, but is at the high end of your price range(~2500). The big differences being 1000 lumens, 16x9 native, and 6x color wheel.

    This site has great info and user reviews as well as new & used projector sales:

    Are you going to build a HTPC for gaming too?

    After reading a few reviews for your choice I like the fact it is 4:3 native and 2600 lumens. I found them new on flea bay for $1870. Not bad! The only downside I found is the 2x color wheel. I also found conflicting info on component inputs, so not sure if it has them or not.
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      Re: Projectors

      you will want to take a look at bulb life span and the price of repacement bulbs as well
      (maybe even purchasing a few now in case they stop producing them)


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        Re: Projectors are the shizzzznit!!!!!!!!!

        That's a nice projector dude!!! 5000 hours is a great lamp life!!! One warning on getting a projector though, YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY BF2 OR ANY OTHER GAME WITHOUT ONE!!! lol ITS DA BOMB!!! Throw a $50 TV card in one of your extra PCI slots and you got yourself a bigscreen TV with recording also.

        Dont forget to buy a screen! They make a difference in the picture quality. Mine was about $150. For about $300 u can get one thats motorized....NOW THATS PIMP! but I was too cheap lol Check these guys out for a screen. Prices range from about $100 to several thousand dollars for the madness!

        I have 2 NEC projectors that are only a couple years old and they only get like 2000 hrs. Just got a new lamp for one of them.....$320 BUCKAROOOS!!!!!!!!!! OUCH!

        Here is my 70" screen and my desk

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          Re: Projectors

          Oscar, since you are in Canada, take a look at I haven't bought anything from them, but I know a couple of guys who have done so successfully. The selection of projectors they sell are the best in that price range. Check the reviews at if you haven't already.
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            Re: Projectors

            After doing some more looking i think im going to get this one , thanks for all the help. Once i get it set up I will try and get a pic for teh forums.


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              Re: Projectors

              WOW thats a nice set up warcriminal2. Now u got me thinking. ebay here i come! LOL




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