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360 or Computer?

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  • 360 or Computer?

    I can't decide whether to purchase a Xbox 360 or a gaming computer. Any suggestions?
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    Re: 360 or Computer?

    I'd get a computer, then an Xbox 360 when the price drops.Or wait until the PS3 comes out and see who comes out on top. But if i could only get one, i'd go for a gaming computer.



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      Re: 360 or Computer?

      I'd only look at the 360 if money were for some reason a VERY tight issue. If you're going to game on a computer, you need to be willing to plunk down ~$750 for a low-end rig. But for that, you get MUCH better online gaming, better games across most genres, an an upgradability that consoles will never match.
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        Re: 360 or Computer?

        I get a computer because you can upgrade the hardware anytime. For PC you can tweak the setting make the graphics look outstanding. Not like the Xbox 360 you can’t do. My thought is the Xbox 360 gets a video card chip upgrade and ram. Nothing new from the old Xbox and yes some good game comes out for Xbox not for a PC. That is one good reason to get an Xbox 360.
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          Re: 360 or Computer?

          PC!!! Nothing like that HIGHSPEED connection.




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