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Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

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  • Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

    Would that combination work? With christmas coming up...
    That screen paired with a nvidia 6800 ultra, AMD 3200+ on 2GB of RAM would that achieve good enough framerates? The resolution of the 2405 is 1920x1200. :row__635: Does anyone have this combination? Or do I have to get the 7800GT too?
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    Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

    Apparently widescreen is not supported in BF2. You may want to check for more info on that though.

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      Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

      6800 Ultra would probably run BF2 OK at that res...its in games like FEAR and future games that you would regret the purchase. I think the 7800GT is cheaper now anyway? Its already pushing sub $350. That card should run anything out there and in the immediate future fine on that monitor. For UT2007 and other Unreal Engine 3 games though I bet you'll have some problems.

      Its a damn nice monitor though. I have its cousin, the 20in 2005FPW(1680x1050). Its beautiful and once you get used to the refresh rate(if your coming from a CRT) its fine for gaming. I had the same predicament though....what card to get that will be as future proof as possible for these crazy resolutions. Since I was still on a AGP board I went with the X850XT since I got a decent price.

      For a nice community that has heavy userbase for these monitors check out:

      edit: I see I was beaten on the link. And ya BF2 doesn't natively support WS but you can at least get it to work on the monitor. The solution is basically like taking the fullscreen view and cutting off the top and bottom portion a little. There is comparison images in some of the threads on that forum...


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        Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

        You don't neccesarily have to run a game at its native resolution (unless WS monitors are different), and a 6800 will certainly run BF2 pretty well. If you want to hold out just a little bit longer or spend a little bit more though, go with the 7800GT like FBmantis said. It's much better than a 6800.


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          Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

          Thanks for the widescreengaming link --- very useful. I already bought the 6800ultra after selling the 6600GT. And 2 months later the 7800GT is out and $50 cheaper than what I paid for the ultra. Life!
          From the reviews it seems as if the 7800GT and the 6800 ultra are very close. Only when the resolution goes up, the 7800Gt leaves the 68ultra in the dust.
          I was interested if anyone is running a widescreen solution and if it works ok. I run currently at LCD (1280x1024) at 20-50 w avg 34 FPS which is not so great. It should be double. I'll read up in the widescreen forums.


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            Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

            U have the Nvidia GT 6800 Ultra OC (Overclocked) graphics card 16 pipelines of throughput on an AGP board. Running a Pentium 4, 3.4Ghz "Prescott Enhanced" processor based on Intel 875 chipset with 1 MB DDR Ram and 1 MR Ram cache built into the Chip Set.

            Now what all this means is that with this set-up I am getting 95 to 102 frames per second, which is really, really great! This system is an upgrade to a stock Compaq X09 Gaming sytem and it flies. The monitor I use is also the Dell 2405PW and its beautiful!

            Newer systems and slightly faster chips, but not any more cache ram built onto the chip itself, and the new Nvidia 7800 cards have 24 pipelines of throughput so they are only slightly better, but not by very much! There are some great websites like Extreme Gamer, Maximum PC and others that have tested these machines and have found slightly better margins. Of course, I ahve read also that the newer SLI architecture with the newer Intel Dual-Core chips is the way to go so I think your choice for the Del 2405PW will last for some time to come. Basically I get about two to three computer system upgrades to every nifty Monitor I buy. You'll have that Monitor for many years to come.

            You can also gain some speed and frames by switching to faster DDR Ram and loosening up the timing settings on the ram. OCR makes some exceptional gaming Ram and can be tweaked to settings of 2-2-2-5 for optium speed.



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              Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800 Ultra?

              Yes on I see this graph

              The 7800GTX has some serious advantage at high resolutions. At lower resolutions the 68U keeps up quite ok

              I only have the Corsair TWINX2048C2 RAM - but speedy gives you only noticable speedups in RAM tests. Real world it's a couple percent only.

              I read in widescreengaming that you can run BF2 on 1600x1200 or so and that seems pretty cool. Now I just have to convince my wife that a 2405 is the way to go (and wait for the next rebate). I hope ERP software does well this year so that the bonus can cover this new toy. And I want a new car...




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