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can a amd 4000 handle this?

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  • can a amd 4000 handle this?

    ok im planning to get crossfire with 2 x1800 xts. however can a amd 4000 san diego handle that? also how much power would i need for the PS to run that?


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    Re: can a amd 4000 handle this?

    Dunno anything about the CPU handling it, but as for the Power Supply, you'd need a 500W that's designed to handle SLI if you plan on using higher end cards. The only one that I know of at the moment is the PC Power and Cooling 510W, which is a spendy bugger, but nothing compared to what you're spending on the video cards and is about the only SLI PSU that is designed to handle SLI'ing two 7800GT's, for example. I might even go so far as to suggest a PCp&C 810W, which is designed for server racks and inasne 12V power consumptions, which is where video cards draw most of their amperage from. There are several PSU that could probably handle 6600GT equivilent cards easily in the ~$75-100 price range. I'd troll around tech boards (, anandtech, etc.) and check people that actually run SLI setups like that to see what they use.
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      Re: can a amd 4000 handle this?

      Don't worry about the processor. It's fine. Any proc will end up as a bottleneck with two 7800's in your system. I would get that PC P&C power supply though.





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