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  • Power problem

    I've had an issue of freezing lately and i'm trying to figure it out. I've ran tests on ram and cpu with no problems. I recently defragged and ran check disk on my HD. I think there is a problem in the power to this room but i wanted to get some feedback on it.

    Almost everything on my comp is new, except my HD and a firewire card.

    I'm getting the kind of system freeze where the screen freezes and my computer just halts. I did some testing in that state and noticed that if i pulled out my mouse USB cable and plugged it back in, the mouse lost power, where it had it previously.

    When i moved into this place, i took out the outlets from the wall to hook up grounded outlets, but there wasn't a grounded wire. So i had to settle with ungrounded and use a surge protector.

    I also wanted to mention that i can hear a clicking in my headphones, which i think is power looping or something similar. A slight bit of static every so often.

    Could this be a power problem from the house power supply or i should i suspect my PSU?

    any thoughts would be greatful. Thanks.

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    Re: Power problem

    If you can move the computer to another room for a few days and try it there and the problem remains it could be PSU related.

    But i think its unlikely, usually when there is a drop in power the computer restarts instead in my experience.

    So i think the problem is somewhere else, where i cant tell though, sorry.

    And where does this freezing occur? Is it when playing games or just normal stuff like surfing. If its when you do something demanding it could be overheating as well.

    Did you update any drivers recently? If you did you might try going back and try those instead.

    I realise it seems like i am all over the place suggesting things, but it could be any of those things i mentioned.
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      Re: Power problem

      Heating isn't the issue as i have a temp monitor on CPU and Mobo, and i have new fans.

      It happens anytime, and it feels like a power issue.

      all updated drivers everywhere recently, after this problem started.

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        Re: Power problem

        What kind of PSU are you running in your machine, and what is it trying to run? Since you just installed several new items in your PC, it could honestly be any single one of these. I've had a bad CD-Rom cause freezes and posting issues before.
        If you don't have a grounded outlet, I'd deffinantly move the PC somewhere that does, atleast for a few days and see if that corrects the problem. Usually you can still get a clean ground through the case, but if you have thick carpet or some such on the floor, then that may be your problem.
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          Re: Power problem

          Hey Vulcan I just went through this with my system. I tried everything and what I think finally did it was I downloaded Registry Mechanic 5.0 and used the free version and it fixed my problem.

          My system was only freezing while I was gaming with BF2 online. It started after I had installed the 1.03 patch. I think I had a bug in my registry that had been cleaned out by Spybot S&D but it did not remove it from the registry. So in trying everything else and rebooting I think system restore restored the bug. Which caused my freezing online. I hope I explained that right...

          Don't know if that helps but it might be worth a try.....Goodluck


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            Re: Power problem

            The PSU is brand new and it seems to be performing properly. I have the asus utility that gives readouts on my voltage which is all normal and it also monitors my temps and fans. Everything is fine there.

            Yeah i had similar problems with a CD rom prior to my recent upgrade to all new equipment. It's been running smoothly ever since yesterday. I didn't change anything. I suppose it could be registry but i don't see how that would cause my system to freeze randomly while just doing nothing, i mean nothing at all.

            I had power outages here recently which is leading to think it's the power from the outlets. I'm wondering if a UPS would be a good idea?

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              Re: Power problem

              A UPS is always a good idea, if for no other reason than to clean up the power coming from the wall. I have my computer, monitor, router, and cable modem on mine.

              With the headphones clicking, I would kinda suspect some sort of power problem, especially if there is any sort of pattern that you hear.

              That said, power supplies do go bad...
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                Re: Power problem

                Well it's been ok for quite a while, about a day. If it is the PSU, which is only a month old, it's going back to the guy i bought it from.

                I'm going to look at UPS's this weekend. The clicking is weird it only happens on one audio port of my 6 that are on onboard. Oh did i mention i heard a weird static noise in them when it froze one time, then it stopped and lost power.

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