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BIOS setting: AGP Aperture size

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  • BIOS setting: AGP Aperture size

    Since I increased my AGP aperture size from 32M to 256M, I've noticed a lot less stuttering and crashes in BF2.

    According to some tweak guide, this should be set at 1x to 2x your video card's RAM.

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    Re: BIOS setting: AGP Aperture size

    it was set at 32M? jesus christmas, no wonder you had problems.
    I always have it set at 1x my video card's ram for best performance. Some people suggest 2x, but I haven't actually seen that have any additional affect. If it's set too low your card will be under-performing though, that's for sure.
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      Re: BIOS setting: AGP Aperture size

      There are cases where reducing the aperature helps.

      AGP uses system memory to hold textures. The aperature sets how much system memory to use. The card will attempt to use on-board memory first for textures, then "spill" into system memory via the aperature. You can discourage use of system memory by reducing the size of the aperature. But setting it too small will mean that texture-hungry games won't have enough, and the system will start "thrashing" as it shuffles textures back and forth between non-AGP system memory and the aperature or the on-board memory.
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