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Dell, and upgrades

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  • Dell, and upgrades

    Are dell computers easily upgradeable as in video card, proccesor and ram? Or is there some kind of dell enables feature that messes with them?

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    Re: Dell, and upgrades

    just depends on what system you where to get.....some of the new ones i dont think have a AGP slot and limited memory.....just check...and alot of the mother boards are dell specific meaning they have only enough power to run that system....but the XPS systems are nice...hopefully work will get me one of those in a few weeks
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Dell, and upgrades

      My last two gaming computers have been Dells thanks to a great deal my wifes company offers. So here is my summary.

      My first Dell was purchased about 3 years ago, it was a 1.99Mhz with a decent graphics card for the time. After a few years it was having trouble keeping up with the newer games, specifically Thief3 (no pixel shader) Far Cry etc. So in order to get some more life out of it I decided to get a new graphics card and since warranty had long passed "cracking the case" wasnt a factor. I purchased a card and popped it in with no trouble but when I decided to upgrade the memory the problems started. Apparantly Dell likes to use some pretty exotic stuff in their computers, I found out that I had RAMBUS memory and that it was hard to find and extremely expensive, naturally I was pissed. That box still sits with 512Megs of RAM and will never be upgraded :(
      It is still a good computer though and runs older games well enough. The monitor went real fuzzy after 2 years so make sure you get an LCD, I had to go back to my old 18" that is over 5 yrs old now.

      My current gaming computer is a Dell I bought 1 yr ago, 3.4Mhz. It is still running strong and has handled everything I have thrown at it. But I did run into one thing that kind of ticked me off. Apparantly Dell gets dumbed down versions of the top of the line graphics cards. I purchased a graphics card upgrade when I ordered the machine thinking I was getting an ATI X800 but when the machine was delivered I realized I had gotten an X800SE card instead. It is the low end X800 and not a lot of info is available for it, I did find a few reviews that said it was basically the equivalent of a 9800pro, still a good card mind you but not exactly what I was looking for. I will probably have to upgrade this card in a year or so which I was hoping not to have to do.

      Watch Dell's website, troll it for a few months leading up to your purchase, their specials are constantly changing. I wanted an LCD but didnt want to pay for the upgrade cost, I was able to get it as a free upgrade by holding out and waiting for the right special. You might be able to get a memory upgrade or something free if you are patient enough.

      This is probably more info than you were looking for but I am assuming you were thinking of buying a Dell so I thought the other info might be of some help as well. As far as the motherboard and processor go, I have never attempted to upgrade either. But as for peripherals and cards there is nothing stopping you from putting in whatever you want unless as stated above, the motherboard architecture wont allow it. Your warranty will be voided though if you open the case.

      cheers and good luck




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