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Computer turn-on via keyboard question

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  • Computer turn-on via keyboard question

    I currently have a motherboard (GIGABYTE) that allows me to power on the computer by a press of the keyboard (serial).

    However, I want to purchase a keyboard like this ( that uses USB. I suspect that keyboard power-on will not work with a USB keyboard since the keyboard will not receive power when the computer is off.

    Anybody have experience with systems like this?

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    Re: Computer turn-on via keyboard question

    I also have a Gigabyte board that supports that feature, but I've never used it and it was turned off in my BIOS.

    I just tested it out with my USB mice - Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Wireless and a Razer Diamondback. I set the power-on option to double-click but the computer would not turn on with either mouse. I don't have a USB keyboard to test it with. Just a data point to help out.
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