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  • Windows boot problem

    I upgraded an older PC by installing Win7 on an old SSD and removing it from the original HDD (I thought). Now when I boot I get an error screen presenting two instances of Win7 to choose from. One works and the other doesn't. The boot sequence in the BIOS is correctly set to the SSD, though I don't think that is the problem.

    Any idea how to remove all traces of the original installation? I can't find any files that are triggering the confusion.
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    reinstall the old HDD and sanitize it. Then install the SSD and wipe it. Go into the BIOS and see which is being looked at when booting up. If need be, use command line to wipe and format/ partition both drives and then install 7 on it.


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      I was really hoping for something simpler...but thanks.

      Update - Got this suggestion on HardForum, which worked perfectly:

      Go to "boot" tab

      That gives you a nice interface to see your boot options and modify without using bcdedit.
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        First thing you have to do is default the correct install of Win 7, then delete the one you do not want:
        1. Click Start.
        2. Type mscofig in the search box or open Run.
        3. Go to Boot.
        4. Select which Windows version you'd like to boot into directly.
        5. Press Set as Default.
        6. You can delete the "other" version by selecting it and then clicking Delete.
        7. Click Apply.
        8. Click OK.
        9. Install Windows 10 :-)

        Now there may be remnants left in some of your folders in the User folders, but they are harmless and don't take up much space.

        Done it before and it is fairly easy and straight forward...

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          Pretty much what the other guy recommended and it worked like a charm. Thanks

          As for Win10, I have it on my main PC - this is the older one that will stay Win7 until it dies.
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