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  • Suggestions on new Keyboard?

    I am looking for a back lit keyboard, macro-able, preferable with another USB port located in it. I have never used a mechanical keyboard, though I tried some out at best buy. I did not like the sound that some made, though I do like the ones that have some feedback. I am thinking about the Cherry Browns, granted I didn't test it out. I tested out the Cherry Red from Corsairs, didn't like it as there was no feedback. I tried some green switch one from Razor, I liked the feedback, though didn't like the click noise. I also tried a blue one from Logitech, it felt like it took too much pressure to push it and the switches made clicks.I seemed to like the Green Razor the best, though I haven't heard many good things from Razor.

    I am looking at the following, both in Cherry Brown:
    Corsair RGB LUX V70 (slightly more expensive)
    CM MASTERKEYS PRO S (No extra USB, but smaller)

    If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

    Thanks in advance!
    Lights Out!

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    Interesting, I've used a Logitech G710+ for a few years now and love it. Mine is the Cherry Brown version. Quick response keys, doesn't have the clicky sound (I too dislike it), 6 G-Keys which allow up to 3 macros per key (total of 18), back lit (only white, brightness adjustable and WASD and the arrows on their own circuit) and an additional USB port. You can pick one up off Newegg for about $75.

    With this being said, the 710+ is also about a 5 year old design. My friend has one of the newer 910s with the Romer G switches and loves it. I've messed around on it and found the keys are fairly similar to the Cherry Brown, responsive and quiet. But the keyboard also runs about the same price as the two you're looking at.


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      Also check out Razer' my Blackwindow.


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        I got my first mechanical about a year or two ago. Corsair k70 with cherry red. I do greatly appreciate the switches but it did take some getting used to. Sometimes i rest my ring or middle finger too hard and start moving making me wonder "why am i moving left?!" Only to find out my fingers were too fat. However, the smooth button press is something i enjoy. You don't get a click just the bottoming of the keys.

        Here is a nice graphic and explanation on switches if you need it:


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          Sounds like you'd love the either the Cherry MX Browns or the Kailh Browns (Cherry clones). There is a noticeable tactile bump to the MX Browns, while the Kailh Browns have a subtle bump to them. A few of us have Cherry MX testers if you would like to try out each MX switch for yourself (or you could buy one off of Amazon for about $15).

          Depending on the brand and design of the mechanical keyboard you end up choosing, the brown switches from either brand could be noticeably quieter compared to their blue brethren (or almost just as loud). You can also get silicon/rubber o-rings for the key caps to help dampen their landing and help to quiet your keystrokes.

          Did you have a budget in mind for this keyboard? Any brand loyalties?
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            Thanks for the feedback, I thought I would get an email when someone replied. I have seen the testers. I don't know if I would be that picky. I do like Corsair, I hear Razer isn't what it use to be. I really don't have a budget, though I really don't want to spend more than $130 on a keyboard.
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