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GPU Supply Shortages

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  • GPU Supply Shortages

    As a heads up, for those who are in the market for a new GPU, bit coin and ether miners are buying up supplies of both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. It is currently economically unfeasible to buy an RX470/ 480/ 570/ 580 as the supply globally is near depleted. The prices for the GTX 1060 6Gb has inflated to nearly $300 and in some cases it has reached nearly the price of the MSRP of certain GTX 1070 models. As for the GTX 1070, the price has reached into the $450 to $600 range, which is a problem since this is showing the same slow uptick that initially showed up in the Nvidia models.

    As for the Nvidia and AMD lines that are below and above the models listed above, there is little to no major change in price. If you want a GTX 1060, expect to buy a 3Gb version or you can buy a used GTX 980 4Gb OC edition in order to get the same performance. If you wish for a hold over card, a GTX 1050 Ti will have to do, but thankfully their price is between $130 and $160 depending on the model. Sadly, the RX460 doesn't offer the same performance or value as the GTX 1050 Ti.

    Future research will need to be done if you wish to buy a new GPU any time soon.


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    Forgot to say this, but SSD prices are going up as there is a shortage on NAND chips, so expect a 10% to 15% price jump depending on the make and model of SSD.

    Also, if you feel lucky enough, sell a 1070 and then use the money to buy a 1080. It can be done, at least for now before everybody runs to buy 1080s for bitcoin mining.




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