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  • Strange problems

    I have a puzzling problem preventing me to play thats got worse over time (I orginally thought it was lag)

    I've done tests and ran spyware, virus, defrag, and registry programs.

    I only play 3 games at the minute, BF2, Madden 2006 and Civ4.

    Civ4 works fine (not graphics heavy but processor heavy)

    Madden is wierd, it takes ages to load anything and sometimes the videos in the background of the menu stuter yet when I get into a match it works fine.

    BF2 is the only one I play online and is just random, I can join a server and everything is fine then my FPS dies and I can't even run in a straight line (tried reviving someone about 5 times but ended up 10 feet away from them each time). Sometimes I can fly without problems yet other times it won't let me look in the right direction.

    I'm thinking its either a hard drive problem (problems with loading things) or graphics card problem, anyone got any ideas or good ways of testing ?


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    Re: Strange problems

    Well, I know most of my equipment ships with diagnostic toold now - the HD, Graphics card, etc..

    Check your memory.. bad memory registers can cause erratic behavior such as this. It can also corrupt data stored to the HD.

    Remove the memory you have to the bare minimum you need to run stuff.. hopefully you can got to 1 stick.. and then swap through them to see if the issue changes.

    What you described with BF2 was happening to me last night.. It passed after 2 or 3 minutes (seemed like forever). Currently I attribute it to lag specifically with BF2 - I play very little else. But you seem to be seeing issues elsewhere.




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