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  • Cpu

    I currently have a amd Athlon XP 2.2Ghz 3200+ processor

    I was wondering if i got this amd 64 athlon 64 3200+
    would it be worth the upgrade? Would I have much improvement? I know the FSB is double in the 64, but how much improvement am i really getting?
    If I shouldn't go with this card what do you all recommend?

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    Re: Cpu

    Well, you know that it wouldn't be a simple CPU upgrade, you'd also be upgrading your motherboard and possibly video card depending on the board / card you've got and what you decide to go with. IMHO, buying an amd64 board that has AGP isn't really worth it any more (for most people...).

    If you were trying to decide which to buy right now, the obvious choice would be the 64bit processor. Although this article is a little old now, it does compare similarlly clocked Athlon XP's to Athlon 64 processors. The 64 does quite a bit better in games, and I suspect that the newer Venice core is even better.

    I'd wait until you're ready to upgrade everything at once. The XP 3200+ is still a nice processor..
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      Re: Cpu

      Ditto what perry said, unless you are willing to upgrade you motherboard then stick with what you have. If you have the bucks to get a new motherboard, then the AMD64 is a no brainer, although I would suggest the AMD64 3500+ as the best bang for the buck out there right now.




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