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CPU Overheating

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  • CPU Overheating

    Ok so I've been dealing with this problem for a while now. Tried opening up the case, putting a big fan right by the case to blow into it, blowing the dust out of my computer, all that stuff. But it still stays at a constant 64 - 75 degrees celsius. You might say I have a cheap fan or that I didn't put thermal paste on it. But you would be wrong. I did put thermal paste on it and I have a thermaltake volcano 7+ ( When I start up my computer, the initial screen usually says something liike CPU temp=70C System temp =40C CPU Fan=6026 RPM Chassis Fan = 0 RPM. And as I'm writing this I keep hearing the fan go higher and lower and I know it's the cpu fan because it's the loudest. I put the setting on it to "high" and I hear it going to higher and lower RPMs.

    Any ideas? I've been dealing with this problem for a while now and everyone I asked had no clue what was wrong.

    I have an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ CPU.

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    Re: CPU Overheating

    Can we get you to list your full system specs? How long ago did you build this system? It's possible that the HSF is not making good contact with the processor, what kind of thermal grease did you use? AS, shin etsu? How long ago did you apply the compound? That's a good hsf that you have, it should be doing the job just fine. I still have an original volcano on a spare k7s5a setup laying around somewhere, still runs like a champ.


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      Re: CPU Overheating

      ....Yeah, I would've normally said that you have a goofy/bad HSF, but so long as the fan is actually spinning and you've got decent contact you shouldn't have near that high a temp with that setup. I'm tempted to say that either your thermal probe is faulty (especially since at startup your CPU temp should be almost identical to your system temp) or your CPU is somewhat fritzy. Any other symptoms of overheating? (lockups, freezes, CPU throttling, etc?) Are you OC'ing or attempting ot OC or accidently OCing? (I've seen it happen, people set the wrong FSB in the mobo)
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        Re: CPU Overheating

        Yeah I am getting lockups and freezes but mostly only in some games. I'm not OC'ing at all. I'm guessing the HSF is not making good contact because it was a bitch to install and took like half an hour to get the latches on the cpu thing correctly. I'm not sure if all fans are that hard to install but I'm guessing that was my problem.

        It's not going to matter soon because I ordered my new computer upgrade recently and I'm gonna have to install a new CPU and mobo anyway.

        Thanks for the help though.


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          Re: CPU Overheating

          if the INITIAL screen says 70C, then there is one of two things going on....

          one, the temp diode is miscalibrated or shot, thus giving erroneous readings (unless your house is 158 F ambient)

          or two, there is a short in the CPU or the mobo right at the socket. most of the times I have had a molten CPU immediately, it never posted, but I also have seen crushed cores start and runn with no issue, so there is the chance.

          I would turn off the computer and unplug it for an hour, pull the HSF, check the temp.. then start the machine.... get the temp from post, then pull the plug. check the temp again... if it is saying 70c but it is only warm, then the issue is not a temp problem, but a bad bios version.....
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