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Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

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  • Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

    I was thinking about how one of the largest corp. in the world couldn't make enough consoles for even some preorderers. Then it hit me. Could it be a publicity stunt to show that "everybody wants one" by making a "drought". It's just a theory, don't get pissed like one guy on the xbox forums when I mentuoned this: (ignore errors)
    Consoles hav always been completely stupid to me; this was the first one i was hopeful would quench my thirst for a better one. Sadly, microsoft pulled a corprate stunt by holding back on the number of xboxs released to make you more desprate for an xbox 360. Watch it because come march or even febuary the price will be made higher but they will be more availible. It's a stunt just like the hype. Do yourself a favor and build a computer (easy to the poin thtat a monkey could do it), it's so cheap and with the same amount it would take for you to get one of these overpriced mini-computers, you could get a lot more. I.e. graphics, sound, free online (un huh your internet is like xbox live only a lot bigger), cheaper games, better games (half life 2, most of the games on xbox, a 64 player version of battlefield 2 which is amazing, a lot of others), plus u get a computer. You would normally spend more on a computer but in light of the carnage on ebay over xbox 360, you get a deal.Plus like it or not, a keybored and mouse will always own a controller (except in footbal games). Just do it as nike once said.

    He responded:
    Thats not a paragraph. Thats a monolithic block. And if you don't have anything semi intelligent to say, go jump off a bridge. Microsoft said repeatedly that they would not stem the flow, and they have absoulutly no reason to: it is not in the least profitable and gives them nothing but hate. They were just unprepared and their goals were a little unrealistic.

    I don't kno what i said to piss him off (maybe he was James Allard).

    Please comment on the theory and the other guy.
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    Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

    The other guy was probably a MS cheerleader that enjoys being able to read posts without having to get out an anti-grammar decoder.

    Whether or not MS really could ship more than 400,000 by their announced release date is debateable. It's quite possible that in their haste to beat xmas, that they really couldn't produce any more than that... They did have a couple of large shipments between their release date and xmas, so that would reinforce Microsoft's story, IMO.

    I completely agree with the first point that the other guy made, that's for sure.
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      Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

      please...its a stunt...nothing like limited quantities to give yourself an assload of press...they technically dont make more...but jeebus they are in the news every day..."...and in other news...the average price of an xbox360 on ebay is 4123124125123 canadian dollars..."

      i dont you said...huge corporation...they could do it if they wanted to...but they dont


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        Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

        MS completely outsourced the production of the original X-Box to a small company in Mexico. More units produced means a larger factory, hence more money spent. Considering they never went black on the X-Box, why would they blow more of their profit margin to flood the market with them?

        Further, gen 1 consoles suck. I want a 2nd or preferaly 3rd release.


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          Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

          It's a common marketing technique to create "artificial demand" in this way. See Cabbage Patch Kids about 20 years ago for reference. It's a time-honored tradition when introducing the "latest thing" to the greedy consumers. Why? Because it works.

          As stated above, it creates hype and keeps you in the press. Free advertising, publicity, etc. Everyone's talking about you all the time, you keep your product at the forefront of conversation. People who normally wouldn't buy see the huge "demand" and wonder if they're missing something, so now they want your product, too.

          Advertising 101!


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            Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

            According to someone I know and trust that works in the logistics side of microsoft's projections and manufacturing, they were running at or near capacity, moving the items onto trucks from the factory and as quick as possible to waiting planes for redistrobution. They were NOT holding back.

            Seems to me that they were trying to meet an impossible initial demand on an aggressive deadline. They also decided to have the release all at once around the world instead of breaking it up more. That part seems weird, and they did not have spectacular sales in other countries, so gotta wonder about that plan...

            But given that they couldn't actually get any more manufacturing online, what would you have them do? Wait 6 months for the release to build up stocks so that they could completely saturate the market? They'd have missed christmas, they'd have shortened the time between their release and the next gen console from sony and nintendo, and they'd have units sitting in warehouses costing them money. That is DUMB. They ramped up enough production to get a good % toehold in the market before the holiday season.

            All the consipiracy talk is generally just the (hrm... this is hardware software, not sandbox, I think I'll modify what I was about to say) ahem... reasonable skeptical buying publics appropriate check on corporate greed... yeah, that's the ticket.


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              Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

              They wanted to release between Thanksgiving and Christmas to hit the big holidays, they are betting on being the first there to help them. My guess is they were running at full capacity, and if there were artificially creating demand its not a big deal. Most companies do it with an it product.



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                Re: Xbox 360 a conspiracy?

                My guess is that it's a combination of your theories. They produced at near some small plant in a little country somewhere to keep manufacturing costs down. They don't have to create artificial demand, because it is generated for them due to the natural supply and demand. It makes *NO* sense for MS to try and have the ability to have monster production numbers over a small time frame (ie: have a large factory turn out 360's in greater numbers) because in the long run that costs them money. It makes much more sense to have a small factory produce a decent number constantly, and just stockpile up before release. And then when they all sell out, well that little factory still only produces so many, and you end up with more demand than product, which you want. Why? because you can sell them for more.

                And I agree with fen, wait until 2nd or 3rd gen, when they let all the stupid people figure out how to break their systems in the worst ways possible. :D
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