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Stupid move.

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  • Stupid move.

    Hey guys. I was playing around with my asus overclocking feature & i screwed up. Im not really sure what happened but this is what i did. I jacked the ghz to 2.6, then i was messing with the processor voltage & i think i turned it down to low, lol i dont know why io was even messing with it.

    If u look at the recent threds here ull see i just put this system together, i had problems getting to boot up but i finally got it. the thing just rocks man ive never had a computer so bad ass. Anyway when the system crashed i panicked & pulled the processor out, when i put it back i bent some pins & screwed it up.

    I have two questions first is i had a 3500 venice core processor, I just ordered a 3800San Diago core this time, will i see a differance?

    Next i cant aford another mistake like that but i build race engines for a living & i just cant stop from trying to hotrod something so can u guys give me the lowdown on overclocking. Thx. Heres my comp specs.

    500w p/s
    A8N-Sli mobo
    amd 3800 processor
    2 gigs OCZ ram ddr400
    GEForce 6800 pci-e
    250gb harddrive 16mb cache

    Thx in advance guys.

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    Re: Stupid move.

    If you did not break any pins they can be straitened out. It happened to me and I have had no problems. I have the same chip. You just have to careful and make sure they are lined up perfectly.

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      Re: Stupid move.

      Ya i bent three pins & broke all three. I was pissed!! I just bought the processor to im just anoob. Ive only been into this gameing thing about a year & i just wingin it man, but what a mistake i cant belive it.




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