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PSU Voltage Question

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  • PSU Voltage Question

    OK, I've never really payed much attention to PS voltages but I picked up my new 500W Ultra X-Connect and was watching the voltages last night.

    Total noob question...

    I noticed the -5 and -12 voltages were a bit weird. All of the + voltages were excellent.

    -5V was 0
    -12V was -8.82

    Should I be concerned? It's a modular PSU (not that it makes a difference) and all I have connected right now cable-wise is the 20 pin ATX to the MB and 3 4-pin power connectors (2X CD/DVD drives, 1X floppy, 2X HD and 4 case fans).

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    Re: PSU Voltage Question

    How were you monitoring the voltages? Through your BIOS? MBM? Multimeter directly on the PSU connectors?

    If those measurements are accurate, you've got a bad power supply.

    I highly advise getting a name brand PSU and avoiding the cheap units that can destroy the rest of your PC.
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      Re: PSU Voltage Question

      Thanks for the response CD.

      MBM5. Now, I'm wondering if it was just wrong settings in MBM5 as I didn't have much time to look at it. I'll check the voltages in the BIOS when I get home tonight.

      Ultra is apparently very much a high-end PS. The reviews are all very positive and one of the reasons I chose it is because ALL of the reviews commented on how stable the voltages were.

      EDIT: The other thing making me think this was just settings in MBM5 is all components ran fine last night and everything was under load as well as I played a round of BF2 later in the evening.
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        Re: PSU Voltage Question

        Just MBM5. Make sure it's configured correctly for your motherboard.


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          Re: PSU Voltage Question

          I found manuals for both my current MB (Gigabyte GA-7VAX) and the one I purchased from Gixxer_USMC (SOYO P4I 845 PE) and in BIOS both only reference +3.3V, +5V and +12V, no -5V or -12V which must be why MBM5 is reporting 'faulty' values. I'll just disable them in MBM5. Thanks for the help gentlemen!


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            Re: PSU Voltage Question

            Yeah, when you're getting really, really odd values in a windows monitoring problem, but your PC is still actually running, always look to the software. Your bios will have the true readings off the motherboard if you want to double check them.
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              Re: PSU Voltage Question

              Thanks guys. It was just a matter of of MB not supporting those voltages.




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