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Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

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  • Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

    Hello its me again this time with a more elusive probelm. At random intervals, while playing NS my controls seem to "lock up". they continue to do whatever it is that they were doing when the stop for about 1/2 a second. then i regain control. during this time i can lift my hands from the controls and continue firing, walking, ect. it seems to increase in frequecy the longer i play but i cant seem to figure out any action causeing it. the system specs are attached as a text file. (taken by running dxdiag, this should contain all the formation that anyone could need)

    i shoud note that the box has just been reformatted with WINXP pro. it came with winxp home. the sounds drivers were just updated. i have not yet had the chance to install the 6.2 cats for the ati card.
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    Re: Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

    What scripts do you use, can you post all of them? I remember having this problem when I was experimenting with scripting. I basically had to restart NS to fix it.

    Make sure you run your msconfig and disable any extra programs you don't need running, and disable un-needed services. Make sure its not a performance issue where your computer is spending cycles on programs in the background working on something.

    I also had another problem (I think this one is different from what your describing) where my mouse would "lag" and then go back to normal after a second or two, this was hugely annoying in the game because it always seemed to happen when I was trying to aim at skulks and got me killed.
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      Re: Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

      Scripts are certainly a potential candidate, as any script using the "wait" command will produce exactly those results until it finishes running. But I'm assuming that you would probably notice if you were locking up right after activating a script each time, and you said you can't figure out any action thats causing it, so thats probably not it this time. Unfortunately, I can't say I know much about hardware conflicts, so I can't help you much there.


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        Re: Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

        There is also the possibility this is not a hardware bug. There was a problem with steam that was "fixed" in one of the latest patches that was very similar to what you described. Does it only happen in HL games?

        As with any problem software related, the first three things I always suggest, make sure you have the latest directX, video, and sound drivers installed. If you haven't done that yet, do it. Then, because you run ATI, try atleast 3 different versions of their drivers, because they are random like that sometimes.

        The only thing that I can think of that would be hardware related is possibly some funny RAM, or a temperature issue.
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          Re: Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

          You know, Yellow, the Steam thing has definitely been a solution for some folks in the past who were experiencing symptoms similar to yours.

          Some folks have to set the OS priority for Steam.exe to "LOW" in order to avoid what I'm seen referred to as "mouse lag." You might try setting the Steam.exe process priority to "LOW".
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            Re: Strange "System Lag" while playing NS

            I used to have the exact same problem in the past, and it was due to a keyboard shortcut plugin I was running for winamp (this was in the pre-5 days). Basically, the program was some directinput app that let you assign shortcuts to winamp tasks, and for some reason this caused half life to occasionally stop reading input and just continue on whatever it was doing.




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