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"Trusted Computing platform, DRM coming to hard drives"

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  • "Trusted Computing platform, DRM coming to hard drives"

    It looks like a monopolys and trust of the computer industry want to force DRM closer to the lowerst level. I don't I this at all. My OS should have 0 DRM, my Hardware should have 0 DRM in it. A Cpu should caluate what i tell it to, not to first see if it allowed to then do that. I should be able to root into my PC and destroy anything i wish, reprogram it, whatever.

    Would anyone here buy a HD that would allow anyone with the key to delete anything at any time? How about one were programs exist through formating? How about one that automaticly installs viruses and spyware that can not be removed in anyway?

    A good question right now is this, why do we have DRM is computers were it exist in nothing else. I don't have to buy a key to read a book unless i want a book i can lock. I don't have to buy a key to open a game board to play. I don't have to buy a gameboard, then call the manufactor and have them mail me the key, or tell me were it is hidden.

    Why do we put up with these thing?
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    Re: "Trusted Computing platform, DRM coming to hard drives"

    I think you're mis-characterizing what's being proposed. The proposed firmware allows content providers to use a secure un-sniffable channel to the drive. They get to provide you with data under the terms that you have to use their access mechanisms to use it. If you don't like it, don't take their data.

    If you're going to accept the fact of IP, then this is a reasonable way to secure it.

    What this really does is provide an impenetrable wall around IP that allows it to be treated like a physical commodity. You can always choose not to accept the IP.
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      Re: "Trusted Computing platform, DRM coming to hard drives"

      This HD also seems geared towards TiVo, Media Centers, and other home entertainment recording devices. It is a technology Seagate is trying to sell to those vendors...they aren't changing *all* of their HDs to this - though this could be the first step in that direction.




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