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  • Beefing up my pc...

    Hi guys,
    I'm not too technical with computers but I would like to give my PC a boost by adding 2 gigs of system memory. My second PC I have that only use for pc games is a gateway 835gm( Intel Pentium D (2.8 GHz), 1 GB DDR II SDRAM, 250 GB Standard, Windows XP Media Center 2005, max ram 4 gigs, memory speed 533ghz, radeon card 800XL.
    Any suggestions? I really don't want to spend an arm and a leg for it.


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    Re: Beefing up my pc...

    I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what it is you are looking for? Is your question that it would be possible to add an additional 2 gigs of RAM to the gateway 835gm or if it would even be worth it?

    Or are you looking to make an upgrade that would allow you to run BF2 at [insert desires here] performance?

    For the RAM. yes, your system could technically support 2 more gigs of RAM. But you have to look at the current setup. Maybe you have 2 512 sticks already. Does your motherboard have 3 or 4 DIMM slots?

    With that system, however, I would say upgrading your RAM over 1 gig would yield you very little performance. Now, I'm assuming your x800 XL is PCI-E, so your best bang for your buck would be upgrading the video card to a 7800GT(x) or X1900. Unless you get the ATI x1900 series, then you're better off going with Nvidia, because until the 1900 NVidia has held the lead for best performance.


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      Re: Beefing up my pc...

      What games are you playing on that computer?
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