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Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

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  • Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

    Ok, I know there are some mac users out there, including myself, and would mabey like more use out of their mac's tward TG. I happen to have 3 mac's at my house: 2 iMac's and 1 desktop G4 graphic's mac, all running OSX 10.4.4. I have gotten to know some extremly helpful programs that let me do almost as much with the TG community as when I am on my PC.

    NOTE: ALL of these programs are completely free!!!!

    I thought I would share my list of recomended Mac programs with you:

    IRC program: Conversation
    This is a highly stylized IRC program for mac's and it works like a charm. Just plug in your info, add the server, then add the #tacticalgamer channel. There, done!

    Teamspeak program:
    Contrary to popular belief, there is an awsome teamspeak program out there for mac's. Teamspeex works much the same way it does on a PC, the only thing you can't do is register with the server from this program, but that doesn't affect speaking at all.

    Games: America's Army is the only Mac game I know of that TG supports, but sadly the dev's haven't released the 2.6 patch yet to work with a Mac. There are still servers running the 2.5a patch, such as TAW and TPF I believe.

    EDIT: TG also supports WoW, which runs on Mac's. All Blizzard games run on both PC and Mac.

    Browser for forums:
    Firefox from Mozilla is my choice for all of my posting needs. Quick, easy, fast, secure, and incredibly stable, it gets the job done.

    Screenshot Utility: Snapz Pro 2 is really great for taking all sorts of screenshots, and much easier than Grab that comes with Mac OSX. It can also capture screen movies, but for that, I prefer to use Screen Movie Recorder, as it does exactly what the name says.

    Picture storage: ViewIt is the place for storing all of your screenshots, and is much, much better than iPhoto. iPhoto gets extremly laggy after you add more than a few thousand pictures, but this program never lags at all.

    FTP program: Cyberduck is another program I use almost every day. Supporting members have their webspace ( and you will need an FTP program in which to upload all of your images and such to. This works like a charm, and has the trademark Mac user simplicity.

    Image editing: GIMP is the alternative to the very expensive Adobe Photoshop, and does exactly the same things. It allows the user to do almost whatever they want with their image, and even download and use addons free from the GIMP website. Now we have no excuse of why not to pimp our images. This program is also for PC as well. NOTE: Requires the X11 program to run, which is a free download off of the GIMP website.

    Well, I hope that has changed some views on Mac's and has also brought more people into using Mac's for TG related things.

    Black death5
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    Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

    World of Warcraft is another Mac game that TG plays. I don't exactly see how The GIMP counts as a Mac program, since both it and Photoshop are available for both PC and Mac.


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      Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

      Oh ya, WoW is also for mac's. The diffrence is that Photoshop is quite expensive, and GIMP is just a better alternative. Some of these programs also have versions for PC, just they work well on mac's too.


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        Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

        I also like FIRE for IMing.


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          Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

          Oh ya, I forgot about the music/ video converter: ffmpegx is the all in one, video and music converter codex. It converts videos between all diffrent formats, from .wmv, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, ect. It also lets you edit your video's size and such. Very helpful for getting all of your videos into one format.


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            Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

            If only Tactical Gamer had a Photoshop server.

            Great post, black. Very helpful to MAC folks, I'm sure. Many thanks for the contribution.
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              Re: Get your TG fix on a MAC OSX: Must have Software

              Hey mac lover - you hear that its official windows xp boots on intel macbooks?




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