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  • Computer Down!

    Last night, during a great round of BF2, my computer decided to turn itself off. I of course looked at it like it had just committed the ultimate sin and turned it back on. It beeped 4 times and threw up a message saying that it shut down because it was starting to overheat. Alright, I guess I can deal with that.

    Being that I live in Colorado and we get dust everywhere, I cracked it open and looked around. No dust to be found since I had just cleaned it out on Sat. Well, in attempt to be thorough, I took everything out, dusted, put everything back in and tried to start it back up.

    The computer goes through the first steps and gets to the part where the Windows splashscreen comes up, and then immediately restarts itself. This cycle can go on forever, but I saved myself the agony and just turned it off.

    Later on I decided that I'd try booting from the Windows DVD, but I came up with the same results as earlier.

    Any ideas?... Please?... :)

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    Re: Computer Down!

    Do you have a clear lexan panel on the side you can look through to ensure all the case fans are still running? If not, leave the side panel off and turn on your computer to make sure all the blades are spinning as they should be. Needless to say, TOUCH NOTHING while doing this...

    Just look to make sure your CPU fan, PSU fan(s) and case fans are still going strong. The fans could go bad, the 4-pin connectors might not be connected properly, or the 4-pin connectors might be bad.

    It's not much to go on, but it's a start...


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      Re: Computer Down!

      Like Corridon says, this is most probably caused by your CPU fan not spinning. These things tends to break after a while.
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        Re: Computer Down!

        Well, unfortunately, that's not the issue. All three of my fans are running (*CPU, back & front - I can see them running as well as hear them*) - the BIOS also shows them running (*I checked their speeds while I was looking at the core temp*)

        For further info, it's a Gateway 500GR with an Augsburg motherboard, 2048MB of PC3200 RAM, 2 200GB Hard drives, a DVD-RW, a CD-RW, ATi X1600Pro 512 MB Graphics card, Creative XFi Soundcard and a 500 Watt power supply.

        The PS, Graphics card and sound card are all about 2 months old (*I pretty much just got them*). The RAM is about 6 months old, and both hard drives are about a year old.

        Hope this helps some :)


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          Re: Computer Down!

          I did a google beep code search, 4 beeps on start up means the system timer is off.

          1. unplug your machine
          2. Press the power button to get rid of all energy stored in it
          3. remove the system bus battery
          4. plug it back in and power it on, that way it will clear any CMOS information and reset its self
          5. Shut down and put the battery back in and restart the machine

          It should just need to be auto configed and it should work

          thats just what i would do
          that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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            Re: Computer Down!

            I'll give it a try, but would that explain why it won't get past the Windows splashscreen or boot from the Windows DVD?


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              Re: Computer Down!

              Also, the lights on the DVD and CD drive do come on, so I know it sees them... (*?*)


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                Re: Computer Down!

                Originally posted by EyeSeePeeDude
                It beeped 4 times and threw up a message saying that it shut down because it was starting to overheat. Alright, I guess I can deal with that.

                Any ideas?... Please?... :)

                When you went into your bios and look at the system monitoring stuff was your PC is actually having an overheating issue? Also were the PS rails stable and close to what they were supposed to be? Even though you have a new PS, anytime you get random restarting issues the power supply is the very first thing I look at. If all of that is okay, I'd try switching the RAM modules, just to see if it helps.

                And you don't have to remove your CMOS battery, there is a jumper on the motherboard that opens the battery from the rest of the circuit. Usually right next ot the CMOS battery. Some of those batteries are a pain to remove.
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                  Re: Computer Down!

                  no, it was showing pretty good temps. I'll check the PS (*I just bought that thing - c'mon guys - I don't want to replace it again*) :)


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                    Re: Computer Down!

                    Clear your cmos -- I bet that will do it. My asus a8v deluxe requires you to remove the battery and switch a jumper, then put the battery back.

                    Just for kicks you might try taking all the ram out and using just one stick that you know is good in slot 2 for start up.

                    good luck
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