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My graphics card... just doesn't... WORK

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  • My graphics card... just doesn't... WORK

    OK, so some of you guys may remember when I sent my PC out to Best Buy about 2 months ago, then when I got it back they took out my GeForce FX 5200 (it wasn't first party I guess, it was eVGA or something, which is why I guess), and when I got it back, I didn't try to game on it. It worked for 1 week, then the (as I was told, which doesn't make sense to me but I don't know anything abuot computers) internal modem went out, and I had to send it back, and I got it back some time last week I think. I forget.

    Anyway, between the time I got my PC back, and internet access back (it was down- long story), there was another good 3-4 days. So I wanted to pass the time by PC gaming, and I found out Star Wars: Battlefront 2 flat out doesn't support the card, and then when I put Call of Duty in, I got a graphically glitched menu. So I said screw it, COD must be too good.

    Anyway, I tried to play Dystopia just a minute ago, and the same thing happened. I have a picture which I will link to:

    Before I selected to play Dys, I installed updated drivers so it's not that. I have no clue what it is, as I don't know much about computers.

    Perhaps one of you can tell me why this happens, if there's even a fix, or if my card just sucks SO MUCH it can't run games.

    The card at hand is a GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU, according to properties.

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    Re: My graphics card... just doesn't... WORK

    A GeForce4 MX in reality is a slightly upgraded GeForce2 with more RAM, espcially since yours is integrated onto your motherboard and will pull its memory from the system memory. That is the biggest reason that you are most likely experiencing these problems and graphical glitches.

    I would suggest going to Best Buy and bitching at them for stealing your FX5200 because even though it wasn't with the computer originally and you added it after you bought the machine, they should of fixed the problem with your machine and left the card in it. I don't know how Best Buy warranties work, but with Dell if you add something in that isn't done by a certified professional (A+ Certified) they will still come and fix your computer but you just voided warranty on that part of the system. IE if you added more RAM and took out the starting RAM you only voided the warranty on the RAM. This is how my friend explained Dell's warranty policy when he called them about it, but I am sure Best Buy will have something similar and it just is not kosher to take out the card altogether and not give it back to the owner if anything they should of given the system back to you with the video card in an anti-static bag.

    A suggestion to fix your problem is to get your video card back and install it again to run those games, or get a new better video card if you don't want to bitch at Best Buy but I would make a big stink about it. If you still have the receipt to your video card that makes even more compelling evidence.


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      Re: My graphics card... just doesn't... WORK

      Yeah, deffinantly go to best buy and have a chat with the manager. Be polite, but threaten all types of nastiness (Like taking him to court for the value of the misplaced merchandise) if he hedges too strongly over it. Just make sure you bring plenty of evidence so that you can show that you brought the PC there and that this is what they did etc. etc. Being meek will get you nothing.
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        Re: My graphics card... just doesn't... WORK

        I have no evidence, it was never my video card. My friend bought it back when it was brand-spankin new, but it wouldn't fit in his machine (I forget what he was running off) so he sold it to me for like 10 bucks off, and Max Payne 2. I don't think I got the reciept from him and if I did it's long gone by now.

        Plus in my situation the last thing I want to do is start something with Best Buy, I just want a video card.

        So I'm hijacking my own topic: What video card should I buy?
        My budget: as low as possible. $50 at the absolute MAXIMUM, and that's pushing it.




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