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    Im looking into buying a new graphics card, and I need to know what agp 1x 8x 16x stands for, my card says agp 1x on it, does that mean that I can only support other agp 1x cards

    is that above sentance confusing, it is to me........
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    Re: 1x 8x 16x

    That must be a pretty old card.
    AGP goes 1x 2x 4x 8x. And it is dependant on your motherboard. Usually mobo's support 1/2x or 4/8x, though some mobo's were single 4x.
    PCI-e goes 1x 4x 8x 16x, and only newer motherboards support it.

    If a GFX card is 4/8x, you need a motherboard that will support either 4x or 8x, etc. So you need to find out what your motherboard can support.

    If you have the model of your motherboard you (or one of us) can look up what your board will support, but if you're looking to upgrade a really old card from a really old machine, chances are you will have to replace the motherboard as well as the GFX card.
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