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  • X-52 Assistance Requested

    Alright, well I just got a new computer, so after getting Falcon 4: Allied Force installed, I sat down and started to reinstall my X52. Loaded up the drivers, loaded the "magic keyboard" and "magic mouse", then got the SST software on. I opened up the "properties" tab for it and started changing values as well as the brightness for the MFD - then I realized that the MFD wasn't even lit up... it just say there saying "Saitek X52 Flight Controller"... I loaded up a test profile, it still just sat there. Opened up "Game Controlers" and it's there and working, it knows that it's there, because it lists it, shows the drivers installed, and responds to movement from it...

    I'm not sure what I did, but the MFD lit up at one point, and I was able to load a profile onto it. After a computer restart, I'm back to dark and cold... At this point I'm almost ready to break the old Logitech out again... :)

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    Re: X-52 Assistance Requested

    alright, well I can get it to work, and here's how:

    Install only the HID driver. When I do that, the MFD comes on (*I can also then load profiles as well as see button-pushes*). If I install the USB driver that goes with it, the MFD goes off and I lose all functionality again. If I restart the computer, I'm back to a dead MFD... If I unplug it, then plug it right back in the same USB port, I'm back to a dead MFD...

    For now, it looks like I'll just have to install the HID driver every time I want to use the X52... Hmm, a slight bummer, but I guess it'll have to do.




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