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whats the best wheel?

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  • whats the best wheel?

    May finally get myself a wheel for my racing games, usually race with a stick...

    anyone got any recommendations on the best PC USB wheel?

    Do I need one with pedals? or is there like a throttle and brake up on any of the wheels?

    thx for any info.
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    Re: whats the best wheel?

    A couple of the TE guys and I bought Logitech MOMO's. Jex and Riyker got the special edition with the red wheel and it's all fancy looking. I got a used one that's all black. I'm not sure if there are differences mechanically and I read that the leather wheel versions are discontinued. I'm not sure which version is better. For new, I think the red edition sells for about $100 USD. It's about $150 CAD looking at Canadian sellers.

    The package comes with pedals that have a carpet grip underneath. If you're on a non-carpeted surface, this will slide around. I got my subwoofer underneath my desk up against a wall and that's a pretty good distance to put the pedals. The sub stops the pedals from moving back. I'm not sure what Jex and Riyker do. The other thing is we're all on wheeled chairs and using the pedals can push you back so you may have to get used to pulling yourself closer to the desk while driving. I just hold on to the wheel and it keeps me in place.

    The wheel has paddle shifters and a stick shift. They're four separate buttons so mapping the paddles in game wouldn't map the shifter unless you mapped it too. There are six buttons in the center of the wheel. I haven't really used many of them. Two buttons for looking left and right, one for handbrake, another for looking back and maybe another for changing views. You can also use the software to map the buttons to keyboard presses and macros. It can't emulate mouse clicks though.

    The wheel is secured well while playing. I've never had it come off in the heat of a race. Although, it's happened to Riyker once. I think the old version of the MOMO has a different way of locking itself to your desk. The new version supposedly added a third lock. I don't have the piece for the third lock but two works fine. They don't clamp in very far, maybe about 2 inches, but it's never come off while driving.

    It's a pretty good wheel and I haven't had any complaints since I got it in December. I think some get it for the wheel and add in a higher quality stick shifter. I never use the stick shifter though. I'm not really familiar with any other wheels out there but I think they all come with pedals. The pedals are worth it anyway. I remember googling for some reviews but a lot of them are old.

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