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    New here. I just cannot connect to either Red Orchestra, only ones I've tried, to save my life. I copy the server addresse in teamspeak and hit connect......and it tells me either the server is down or the server doesn't have teamspeak. I'm sure the server has teamspeak since there's an address. But, what ever. Any suggestions are welcomed.


    Yeah, I typed the password: teamspeak
    and it told me the same thing as above.
    I've tried Registered and Anonymous...still nothing
    Do you have to enter the part, I've tried it both ways
    I'm not sure if this means anything but at the bottom left of the teamspeak menu it always says disconnected.
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    Re: Help with Teamspeak

    did you enter the password for the TS server?
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Help with Teamspeak

      You need to be connecting to the TeamSpeak server within TeamSpeak, and not the RO server. It sounds like you are putting the RO server address in to TeamSpeak?

      You will connect anonymously using the password Trooper linked you to.

      If you're just trying to use the in-game VOIP in RO, then you don't need to connect to TS... TS is used for some social stuff between rounds and asking questions about the game and stuff like that - it's not actually used for talking to your team during the game (at least in RO, other games do use it that way).
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