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Tip for Re-starting windows without reboot

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  • Tip for Re-starting windows without reboot

    You guys proly already knew this, but I'm kind of a n00b to upgrading my PC. After all the changes I've made lately with mobo, cpu, vid card, and crappy games (LoMan, jk) this tip really makes it easy to restart windows without actually rebooting your PC.
    From PCStats:

    "For those of you who are extremely impatient there's a way of restarting Windows without having to restart the actual PC... I know this has saved me a bit of time when trying out new registry tweaks and such.

    First load up regedit (Start -> Run then type regedit and click the ok button). From there follow this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Winlogon. From there add/modify the EnableQuickReboot string value and change it to 1. Save exit and reboot your PC normally.

    After that's done every time you want to reboot simply press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Del and Windows will do a quick restart without rebooting."
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    I applied that last night when I got the newsletter! I still have yet to try it out and how cool this quick reboot is.

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