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    i'm thinking of building a computer this summer. It would be my first attempt, i have put together a system that i think is pretty good for the price. Possible Computer

    i can't really go any higher on the price. I would like to know if there are compatibility issues that anyone can see here, or even just some general advice for a first build. I have a copy of 64 bit windows ready for it BTW. I also do not plan on overclocking.

    Thanks if advance

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    Re: New PC Advice

    I'm not sure how mature Win64 drivers will be in the next few months. It may be easier just to stick with Win32.

    The DVD burner you picked has LightScribe. There are other burners that are cheaper without this option. My opinion is it's not worth getting LightScribe. It's a gimmick and the discs cost far too much for regular use.

    Things will change by summer. Supposedly, the M2 socket will be released, which unifies all the different AMD processors under one socket type and switches to DDR2. So far, benchmarks haven't really shown much improvement with DDR2 but DDR2 will get better and cheaper than DDR RAM.

    Hopefully, prices will be a little cheaper when summer comes around and you can get a better video card. I think a 7800 of some sort would last much longer.

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      Re: New PC Advice

      ^^^There will still be a socket F. It replaces 940 as the server socket.
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