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trouble with bf2....little help please?

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  • trouble with bf2....little help please?

    Hello , I am running a 64 bit dual core athlon 3800+ 1.0 g with a gige of ram with a nvidia geforce 6150 le video card but i am chopping up pretty bad while playing . is there anything i can do to get rid of the lagg? can barely aim at the enemy...need to kill stuff.

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    Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

    Add another gig of ram and upgrade your video card to either the 6600 or the 6800 series (assuming you are running in AGP). For BF2 its all about RAM and Video card.

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      Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

      I assume you have all the video settings down at low?
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        Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

        Greetings sylence26. We have similar set ups. i have the a1250n model. Everything we have is the same expect the video card. My unit came with the Radion Express 200. I later put in a Radionx 300. $100. 00

        I loweed the settings as low as possible in order to prevent choppiness and to have the screen flow better and not get hazzy. i never have experimented with making the graphics better.

        I am very pleased how things are going with regards to interacting in the game.

        I have a 5MB/second cable also.

        Being that the sever is in Virginia my ping is around 25. However, when the sever was else were (do not know) things were pretty darn good also 120 or so.

        I am not a computer person. I do not know jack about video cards and such. However, doing a compare and contrast i would recommend you look into researching the video card variable.

        If you do not have a MIC get that also.

        Good luck with it, Having a Rocket Box of a computer and not getting the full satisfaction out of it would blow hard.

        Have a good'n
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          Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

          Why use such a crappy vid card on an otherwise great CPU?

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            Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

            Definitely look into getting another gig of RAM, and go w/a 6600 or 6800 series vid. card like Grunt said. That should be sufficient to run bf2 in low-med settings w/o any choppiness.
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              Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

              Your GPU is definitely the problem. Keep lowering your in game settings until you hopefully reach a playable state that you can bear until you pick up a decent gpu.


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                Re: trouble with bf2....little help please?

                I have an X300 SE and 1gig of ram and P3.0 and I can push the effects and other stuff up to medium. I couldn't do geometry up to medium though.




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