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  • Windows Admins...Help!

    I've run into something here at work I wanted to toss out and see if anyone can advise me on it...

    We have some new HP workstations that were configured as workstations running Windows 2000 Professional. During the build process by the hardware staff there are 4 'standard' user accounts created that are used specifically in conjuction with our software, in addition to the individual user accounts created by the end user.

    When these accounts are created the 'Password Never Expires' and 'User Cannot Change Password' checkboxes should be checked and the password specified. Then, during software updates our install goes out and uses the NET USER command to change the passwords on those accounts so that they are regularly changed. For those 4 accounts we always want to know what the password is at any location.

    Problem is, these workstations went out mis-configured. The only checkbox that was checked was 'User Must Change Password On Next Logon'. I've looked at the options for NET USER and it looks like you can set the 'User Cannot Change Password' option via command line but I don't see options to set the 'User Must change Password On Next Logon' and 'Password Never Expires' options.

    Anyone have any ideas? Best case there is some command line way to do it that we can roll up into a WISE install that the user can just run.

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    Re: Windows Admins...Help!

    Would this help?

    You can also do it with vbscript.. Here are the attributes that can be set and here is a webpage that links to some sample code for setting the password expiration.
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      Re: Windows Admins...Help!

      Thanks Perry! I'll look into this options. The more I research the more it looks to be easiest to do this by having one of our programmers throw together a utility using the attributes mentioned.




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