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    I've had the deluxe version of Independence Wars forever (very old game, possibly collectable now?) but never really been able to play it to my satisfaction due to a few issues. When the game came out, in an astonishing change from the mainstream, the game was geared completely towards the 3Dfx line of cards (instead of 3rd party support thrown in as an afterthought). Now, this is great, but a year and change later 3Dfx went bust and stopped making cards.

    Without a 3Dfx card (and it only supports the older cards IE Voodoo 1, 2, and Rush. 3 has partial support, seeing as it wasn't completely developed by the time the game shipped) you are relegated to playing the game in 256 color 640x480 software rendering (which is only available as a commandline switch, as it was an experimental "unsupported" mode).

    I tried a few GLide wrappers a few years ago for my GeForce 2 mx200 and couldn't get them to work right. Now that a few years have gone by and i have a more pumped card (a GeForce 6800GS) does any of you know of a wrapper that will be able to run satisfactorily on this card, and for this game?

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    Re: Glide Wrappers

    this may be helpful
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      Re: Glide Wrappers

      Originally posted by Bisclaveret
      I've had the deluxe version of Independence Wars
      Can't help you, but I did want to say that Independence War 2 is probably my favorite game of it's genre of all time :D
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