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Graphics card MAJOR problem!!

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  • Graphics card MAJOR problem!!

    Hey all, Today i came home from college, Started up css , played on dust_2 for about 10 mins, and i started getting mahor lag spikes and freezes, And after about 2 mintues of lag the computer totally froze, I had to press the restart button on the case, And since then, my pc wouldn't boot, it would load windows xp, Then enter into power saving mode, So i reinstalled windows xp, Download the nvidia drivers ( latest ) so i clicked agree blabla on installation, and as soon as it started to installed the screen blinked twice and the computer restarted, Now it wont boot again, So i went into safemode and un installed the drivers that i just tryed to install, and it boots fine again, so i dont know what has happened, But i can't install the nVidia drivers, My gfx card is the 6600GT hasnt been oc'd so please someone shed some light on this for me, thanks!

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    Re: Graphics card MAJOR problem!!

    Make sure that your fan is working on the video card first, it may be dusty and starting and stopping. Actually sit and watch it for awhile.

    Also, make sure everything is seated properly, including you RAM.

    Download coolbits from, install it and then check you temps from the control panel.

    If everything comes out all right and you are still having problems ou may be running into a power issue (power supply starting to crap out) or the video card is damaged somehow.

    Keep in mind though that this is assuming that it is a video card issue, while it very well may not be. It could be anything from CPU, to RAM to your power supply, but you need to start somewhere when trying to rule things out and it might as well be with the video card.

    You may also want to download 3DMark 03 and run a few loops to see if that causes instability.




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