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File hosting weirdness

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  • File hosting weirdness

    The sig I would like to use reads at 36 kb on my hard drive, but 52.6 when uploaded to flickr, and 100 something when hosted on imageshack. I think a "what the heck?" is in order.

    In the meantime, can I just use the 52.6kb flickr image?

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    Re: File hosting weirdness

    Moved to the hardware/software support forum, so it will get a wider audience.
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      Re: File hosting weirdness

      What format is it in? I have no clue what would cause such a big diffrence in size when uploading.


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        Re: File hosting weirdness

        That's odd. I don't think they'd do anything to your image that would increase the file size. They'd want to decrease the file size to save bandwidth.

        Originally posted by ImageShack FAQ
        Does ImageShack alter, compress, or watermark my images in any way?

        Absolutely not. ImageShack strives to be completely non-intrusive, which means that ImageShack will not alter your uploaded images in any way. ImageShack will not add watermarks to your image, nor will it compress the images that you upload.

        However, ImageShack will strip out non-image data from your images, if such data exists.

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