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  • Apple MacBook - Best place to buy

    Going to be picking up a MacBook, (If only they made a 12" MacBook Pro) and wondering if anyone had the best place to buy one? I plan on just picking up my own and dropping 2gig of memory in it. Probably try to find a 120Gig 7200 HDD to drop in it too (And if someone has a source for the drive that would be great most sites just have the 5400).

    Main tasks are browsing, email and programming in windows via Parallels or Bootcamp (I am a .Net programmer mainly) I currently have a IBook and its great for the browsing/email but by using the macbook I would be able to not carry around my Huge Dell Laptop.


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    Re: Apple MacBook - Best place to buy

    ^^^^^ is your best bet for the actaul laptop. Check newegg for the memory and HDD. Zipzoomfly is a good choice as well.
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      Re: Apple MacBook - Best place to buy

      TacticalMarket of course! Amazon is offering a $100 rebate on the Macbook.. not sure if that is good through Tacticalmarket too. has a pretty good deal.. $100 rebate on the laptop + $100 rebate on a $100 printer + $50 rebate on a $50 carrying case (they call the laser printer and case free).
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