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  • MS Word chart question...

    I'm trying to do an organizational chart for a project I'm working on... never used the chart to in word before so having a small problem, hopefully someone here will know what I'm doing wrong...

    I have the title, then the series introduction... then I have the three parts of the series... now under each part of the series i want to list the so called "chapters"... I want them to line up in a direct column underneath the top one, but as you can i add more charts to the chart, they start going sideways a little, messing up the nice and simple flow I want... I've tried all the different format settings with the chart tool, but no luck... any idea on how to fix this and make them strait columns?

    Thx in advance...
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    Re: MS Word chart question...

    Hmm...when I tried the same thing, I was able to get them all to line up vertically using the "Layout" menu option of "Standard".

    FWIW, if you have Visio, it's generally MUCH easier to use for org charts and many other graphically oriented tasks.

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