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Treo: 650 or 700?

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  • Treo: 650 or 700?

    Wondering if anyone here has any experience with the Handspring Treo 650 or 700. I'm renewing my mobile contract and thought i'd go for something a bit funkier this year an saw the Treo 650. After a bit of digging it looked really good so I decided to go ahead with it.

    However then I saw about the Treo 700. I had not seen it before on my searches as it is not released in the UK yet and I was looking at internet sites for phone deals. In fact I am not even sure when it will be released. So, should I hold on until the 700 is released or just go for the 650 now? Is Windows Mobile 5 any good, or just miniaturised pain? Maybe there is something even better out there that I have missed?

    All feedback / help appreciated thanks!

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    Re: Treo: 650 or 700?

    I've been using a 650 for several months now. I really have no complaints. It synchs with Office flawlessly, and there is plenty of available software and processing power for everything I run. I've had several different smartphones and this one is the most customizable. The shortcut list is great for the car.

    I am not a "power user" as I suspect you may be, but if you have specific questions let me know. I use Versamail, SMS, Audible, MileageX, Adobe and Dataviz, RealPlayer, and of course Black Jack Trainer.

    I don't know anything about the 700, sorry.

    Lessons learned:
    -SD card speed makes a big difference and worth every penny of extra cost.
    -Stereo headphones are a must.
    -I have yet to find a protective case that isn't a Nerd Beacon.
    -The camera is very finicky with lighting, but it's okay for candid snapshots.
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      Re: Treo: 650 or 700?

      I was 'hurried' into getting the 650 with Palm OS. The 650 will be the last generation of Treo to use the Palm OS, it is going to be all Microsoft after this - if that tells you anything.

      The 650 is OK, but I much prefer the MS OS on my mobil devices.. easier to sync IMHO. We've had trouble with the 650's loosing their association with the PC they were being sync'd with and it was necessary to reinstall the software on the PC each time. One guy won't even use his 650 because he can't get it to sync.. but he's also not very tech savvy to begin with.

      DOn't get me wrong tho - the MS OS has it share of association issues too.. but with Activesync it is easier to restore the association.

      Just my .02


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        Re: Treo: 650 or 700?

        I had those same synch issues with my Kyocera 7150 which was also Palm OS, but the 650 has been trouble free for me.
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          Re: Treo: 650 or 700?

          Motorola Q



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