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Video cards, Monitors, and TVs oh my

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  • Video cards, Monitors, and TVs oh my

    My current computer setup is in the middle end range being able to handle BF2 and other games on medium/medium-low settings. I'm not looking to upgrade in the near future but will certainly be contemplating it after the new technology settles in. My guess is if I upgrade my system I would probably have to upgrade my monitor (17" 1280x1024) as well to get the most out of the new system. At the same time I am still watching tv on a 20 inch VCR-TV combo. The VCR is broken. So I also see an upgrade television wise, especially if I am looking to invest in PS3. So I have a financial dilemma. I am certainly not made of money so building a new system, buying a new monitor and buying a new tv in the same year is pretty close to being out of the question. So my question would be what would be the best solution to this problem: Could I go with the HDTV and hook my computer up to the tv and it be better then runninga high end system on a 17"? Or would it be better to go with a widescreen no HD monitor and simply watch tv through that with a tuner? And finally if I do go with an upgrade route does anyone have any monitor manufacturer and type recommendations?

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    Re: Video cards, Monitors, and TVs oh my

    Hello. Your question requires a long answer. If you have teamspeak I would gladly talk to you about it. Send me a PM with a time you would like to meet and talk about it. I will be playing BF2 when I get home tonight.

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