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  • Website design / scripting question

    This has been driving me crazy, and no one seems to do what I want done, so I guess I am entering new ground....

    here's the deal. I need to have a LARGE list of audio and video files that can be played in an embedded player within the website. I want the files to all link to a player that is already present and set to play the most recent file, (the list gets 5 additions every week.)

    here are the criteria:
    1. the links will total up to 275 (I will start a new page every year)
    2. all links (video AND audio) should play in the same embedded player
    3. the links should dynamically reload the player with the new file
    4. all links will be in a grid with dates and descriptions, so a drop down list, .m3u playlist or the like will not work (i dont think... everything I have read about .m3u playlists is that you cannot go directly to a file, you have to "next" and "back" to it... inconvenient to be sure with 270 links)
    5. the player must be in the same page... no popups or redirects
    6. must be cross-browser compiant
    7. flash is not out of the question

    ANY help will be greatly appreciated.
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