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  • TuneUp Utilities 2006

    Howdie, there! I hope I haven't squashed a kitten with the weight of my question. I used the search function, I promise!

    The Question: What are your personal experiences/ opinions of the TuneUp Utilities software suite? Is it worth the $40 of a poor college student to plunk down to maintain schoolwork laptop? Or, a heavily used PC for gaming and overnight downloading of media files? Also, I saw that Ace Utilities was recommended by somebody in the forums (I try to save the kittens). How does it compare?

    My main concern with my personal laptop is the registry cleaning component of the software, which brought me to the package in the first place. I looked at some free registry cleaners, but the ones I tried lacked some important functionality (i.e. - built-in registry back-up). I looked at Registry Mechanic, but $20 for only a registry cleaner is a bit much for me. So, if anyone could recommend a good, free reg. cleaner, that'd be super helpful, too.

    The family PC, though, goes through some pretty heavy abuse. Aside from being used to play video games for the younger ones in the house, my mom religiously downloads large media files en mass, and deletes them very frequently and its hard to explain to her about maintenence. Poor Diskeeper is trying to keep up, notifying me to defrag almost every other day. Everybody installs the programs they want on there, so the registry is probably very cluttered, with at least one bad uninstall resulting in error messages on every boot.

    So, question part 2 would be if you guys think these Utility Suites are right for me? Which one is more suited to my needs? As I get closer to becoming a real technical professional, I'm inclined to get away from illegitimate softwares (which was suggested by a friend), so I do want to get the best value for my meager buck.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Re: TuneUp Utilities 2006

    TuneUp Utilities is a great program. I just tried the free version.

    There are allot of really Great free individual programs that will do some things that TuneUp will do. If you would like me to list more free programs for any specific purpose just ask. Here is one I use.

    CCleaner is free and does what you mentioned.

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      Re: TuneUp Utilities 2006

      I've never used a registry "cleaner" and I don't plan to. I firmly believe that if your computer slows due to a bloated registry, it's time to reformat. Back up your important files and reinstall.

      That's free, too.
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