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NFTS Hard Drive turned to RAW

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  • NFTS Hard Drive turned to RAW

    Quite a few weeks ago, I had a hard drive problem. I was playing Joint Operations: Escalation that day and the game constantly hard drive stuttered. So I exited the game and fired up Firefox, which to my surprise, could not located the Firefox.exe file. I attempt to locate the .exe, (And the system took as long as half a minute to show the 'My Computer' window and the PC says "C: is not formatted, would you like to format it now?". In my frustration, I restart the PC with the external case button, and now I get a BSoD or something like that.

    I had to get an alternative HDD and reinstall Windows. I reattach the problematic hard drive, Windows becomes sluggish, but I access the drive and find out it turned into a RAW format. Is there any way to recover the data easily from a RAW-turned NFTS hard drive?

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    Re: NFTS Hard Drive turned to RAW

    Did a little googling and it looks like the drive switching to RAW means the NTFS file-system is corrupt. The threads I saw all indicated this can only be addressed using third party software such as Acronis Disk Director Suite, etc. and even then success isn't guaranteed.




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