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  • GAIM on GPRS?

    Has anyone here managed to use GAIM via GPRS? If so, how easy is it?
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    Re: GAIM on GPRS?

    Forgive the substitute detail, but...

    I use the IM Everywhere plugin for Trillian Pro. My entire contact list and any IMs sent to me are drivable as WML (or XHTML, or other templates) from my phone. I can log into the site remotely at any time, but it also sends SMS messages to my phone when new received IMs go too long (configurable) without being viewed on my PC.

    It actually opens the various IM windows on my machine as I use the site, so my conversation windows are waiting open for me when I get home, in case I need to review anything or continue with someone where I left off. Also, everything stays app-centric, on my PC, so everything is logged.

    The entire site is also usable as standard HTML/javascript from a standard web browser (from work, for instance), which opens new rectangle-shaped windows when new IMs arrive, just as an IM client running on the machine would. It works beautifully to keep my contact list in Fx's sidebar, letting it just sit there. When someone IMs me, a new window appears.

    It is, in a word, ideal.
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