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Moving installed games to another drive

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  • Moving installed games to another drive

    Disclaimer: This post is about what Blonov decided to do on his rig. Blonov shall not be held liable for the suitability of this method to other User's needs, typos in this post, or the current weather conditions in your area. (you can shoot me on the battlefield, but you might do that anyway, right ?) :madsmile:

    Well, I'm a lazy bugger. So when I installed a bigger/faster HD and decided to move my games to the new drive, I did not feel like re-installing/patching all of them. I'm glad I chose NTFS as a file format when I first installed XP. Why ?, but because NTFS supports Junction Points!.

    *Drools profusely*

    First, obtain and install the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools (free).

    Then pick what you want to move to the other drive.

    To move BF2, locate the current install directory (mine was C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\).

    Using the command prompt (or the explorer, whatever you fancy):
    - Navigate to the C:\Program Files\.
    - Move the «EA GAMES» folder to the new drive (anywhere you want, really. I picked G:\Program Files).

    - Once the move is complete, open a command prompt window and navigate to C:\Program Files\.
    - Create the Junction Point by typing «linkd "EA GAMES" "G:\Program Files\EA GAMES".

    I can now run BF2 as if it were on C:, but it's physically on G:.

    Notes: The windows firewall will pick up the new physical location for the executable the first time you run the moved application and prompt you about allowing it or not. Simply allow it. I don't know if other SW firewalls will.


    - Open a command prompt window
    - Navigate to C:\Program Files\
    - Delete the Junction Point by typing «linkd "EA GAMES" /d (don't delete it with the explorer!)
    - Move the «EA GAMES» folder from the new drive back to C:\Program Files.

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