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  • Keyboard reccomendation?

    I hate my desktop keyboard (cheapy MS internet thingy). Honestly, I prefer to type text documents on my laptop. I can't explain why but I just really like the feel of the broad flat short-travel keys. I gain at least 15-20 wpm over my desktop keyboard. If it wasn't for the cramped keyboard, I'd also code on it too.

    I recently put my hands on one of the logitek Dinovos and fell in love with it, untill I saw the price tag. :icon25:

    For anyone who has tried one, it feels like a laptop keyboard. I suspect there are a lot of people that wouldn't like that. But for me, it's perfect. I need a good desktop keyboard that i can code on for hours. It occured to me that somehting like 75% of the price of the DiNovo has to be tied up in all the BS features. Bluetooth, the keypad, all the media junk, not to mention that you cannot get it without the mouse bundled. I don't need any of that crap. Hell, I am on linux most of the time anyway so I'm sure most of that stuff won't even work.

    I've been looking around for a few weeks now for a cheeper alternitive to no avail. Seems to me that either you pay <$20 for a junky no-name brand keyboard or you spend the extra money on a mediocre name-brand keyboard bundled with a bunch of junk you don't need and will never use. Seriously, What do i need bluetooth for, I'm not carrying the thing around the room. I already got a good mouse. I've never ONCE pressed one of these "media buttons" on the piece of dirt I am typing on now.

    So I ask the all-knowing TG crew, "Do you know of any keyboard with no frills, just quality keys?" I really like the DiNovo style keys. Hasn't there got to be a company that makes a similar product for less of a premium?

    Some stipulations.

    1. Gotta be USB. I have a USB KVM and I can't live without it.
    2. sub $100 (if possible)
    3. gotta be fit for typing code on. None of this ergonomic/natural handposition stuff.

    I'd really appreciate any tips or reccomendations.


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    Re: Keyboard reccomendation?

    Never heard of it, but thought I'd share:


    Reviews: (almost the same review...)

    It's obviously marketed for macs, but USB keyboards are USB keyboards, aren't they?
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      Re: Keyboard reccomendation?

      Outstanding Cing!

      I believe there should not be a difference for Macs... Except for the drivers for the special stuff; "media keys" and the like. I'll look into that a bit more.




      did a bit of digging around. Found several people using it for windows, BSD and UNIX. Two caveats.

      1. No drivers for the special buttons; volume, eject etc...
      2. Macs don't have printscreen or insert buttons.

      I really could care less about either of these. (my arm is getting sore reaching three feet to my left to eject CDs though :icon19: )

      I think I'm sold, I just wish I could find one at the store to try out first.
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